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18 August 2005


John Cooke

Yet another failed attempt to force Wichita to grow. Just like the downtown arena, water walk and countless other City or County sponsored initiatives, Exploration Place is well on it's way to becoming another failed attempt to grow our metropolis. Rather than working with businesses to understand what impedes their growth and then removing those roadblocks, our City and County officials continue to act like someone playing SimCity. I'm curious what, if any, kind of market analysis was done to prior to the building of Exploration Place or what the job requirements were for those who would be running it. With Allison's comment about the use of tax dollars being seen as a "...a helping hand, not as a handout," it appears the word-spinning has already begun to turn Exploration place into yet another "helping hand" social program created for the benefit of the tax payers. Allison's statement to explain the use of the $2.8MM shortfall says it all, saying that Exploration place would..."use the $2.8 million to improve exhibits, hire a museum director and increase marketing." It sounds like to me that they already have the telltale philosophy of most government programs, if our superbly grand idea proves unsuccessful it's easier to blame failure on the economy or terrorists, rather than ourselves.

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