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03 May 2007



If classes don\\\'t exist, or different rules apply, why are hourly employees treated differently than salaried employees? Mr Koch\\\'s book was given to all salaried employees but hourly employees had to request the a copy while supplies lasted...

Alastair Walling


You make a good point, but I think you draw the definition of “class” too broadly. The point of the post was that the rules should apply to everyone equally—not that they should all be given the same decision rights, compensation, or copies of Mr. Koch’s book. If a salaried employee is out of compliance or compromising safety, then he or she is going to be in just as much hot water as an hourly employee. Secondly, I am afraid you have been misinformed as to all hourly employees not receiving copies of Mr. Koch’s book. Distribution decisions regarding the book were left up to the heads of the various Koch companies. In many cases, all employees in a business received the book, which meant that lots of hourly employees actually received copies. You are correct to point out that all salaried employees did receive copies of the book. One of the reasons for this is that with a salary comes a heightened responsibility to help teach and apply MBM throughout the business. Thus, management believed a copy of the book would help them to do an important part of their jobs. Ok, I admit the “while supplies last” thing is a little gimmicky, but it is something you hear all the time. The idea here is probably to get everyone to request copies in a short period of time, so the appropriate large orders for printing can be placed. If requests from Koch employees that did not automatically receive copies exceed supplies by a large enough margin, then I am pretty sure that more books would become available. However, if you cannot get a copy just let me know, and I will be happy to send you one.

Thanks for the comment,


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