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28 June 2007



It's about time that people know about the corrupt evil system.

This study is a good first step. I was falsely arrested and convicted and there are a lot of innocent people in jail. There are no research and stuff into things like this. The police and DA's office are incompetent evil people that lies and falsify reports to cover up their mistakes. They do everything in their power to put innocent people behind jail. Otherwise, god forbid, they would have made mistakes, they might even have been wrong. Better that someone go to jail than anyone of them of the "system" gets the blame.

Police and people from the DA's office have personally told me that "they ARE the LAW and they can do whatever the hell they want." The police even tell me that are writing that they personally witnessed me committing a crime I didn't do. All I did was said I wanted a lawyer and then they frame me and wrote that I resisted arrest, was on drugs and assaulted a police officer. They are evil evil people. Police and judges lie all the time.

Juries do not know how corrupt the police and the judges can be and how most things they are told are lies. It is not the jurors' fault.

And this was in San Francisco. It gets worse else where. I used to think that the system was better, before my arrest, but now I'm disillusioned with the system.


It would be interesting to know how what measuring stick they used to determine the correct theorical veredict.

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