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20 July 2007



Great post on self-deception. It is my favorite book and has readically changed my life. Also read The Anatomy of Peace by Arbinger. It is the story about Lou Herbert and the self-deception theory. Also, if you can tackle: The Bonds that Make Us Free; the manifesto by Terry Warner.

Pamela Ragan

Came across your post whilst researching Arbinger theory. Any advice how to integrate theory into an organisation would be greatly appreciated. It seems more like a personal journey and revelation - how do we instill these core values into our staff?

Kiley Humphries

You've hit the million-dollar question on the head. What's interesting about Bud and Tom's interactions in the book is that it seems to be a combination of both guided and personal revelation. Bud leads Tom through the process of reaching his conclusions regarding self-deception, however Tom's decision to "get out of the box" is one that he makes personally and independently. It is almost like an "ah-ha" moment that he then personally takes into his life at work and home.

Informing and re-informing people of the concepts is key to begin with. (Tom didn't know about self-deception until Bud informed him.) The great thing about the book is that it is a clear and easy read for those seeking to understanding the ideas. Arbinger has information about their corporate training and personal coaching programs online ( as well as information about how you can get trained to lead Arbinger workshops at your organization. From there, however, both leaders committed to being "out of the box" people and reminders of the importance of the concept are vital and will hopefully motivate people to think more deeply about their boxes and maybe have life-changing "ah-ha" moments themselves.

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