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26 January 2010


John T. Cooke

Dr. Sowell has achieved much success in the world of academics as well as in the world of the "real" market. He has written several books, countless articles and, I believe, has a high intellect. Yet he has the humility & integrity to understand that even he couldn't run a small village by himself. Humility & integrity seem to be the missing elements in our government. When intelligent individuals lack the integrity to look at real hard facts and judge their decisions with the proper application of humility then they become part of what Dr. Sowell calls the "intelligentsia". A group of academically advanced peers who, rather than judge themselves on the merit of consequences of their past decisions and adjust their beliefs accordingly, choose to believe that the real solution to societal problems lies just beyond their next great decision. We need more Dr. Sowells and less career intellectuals who waste their lives, and our nation's wealth, on countless social experiments.

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