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26 January 2010


Greg Rehmke

Speaking of Pixar, I highly recommend "The Pixar Touch" by David A. Price. The story of Pixar's core visionaries bouncing from one parent company to another is fascinating.

Price also authored the excellent "Love and Hate at Jamestown." I first met David when as a teenager he spent a summer at IHS in Menlo Park. He had already authored a couple computer books.

Arthur Eby

I think it is important to have both good ideas and good people to work with in a company. But if I could choose only one, I would have good people. Good people can support each other, complement each other, make each other feel good about one another and learn to make good ideas, ending in good ideas and good people. Bad people with good ideas will insult each other, argue and destroy the good ideas, and will only end in bad ideas and bad people.

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