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26 April 2010


John T. Cooke

Since I'm in IT and a large part of technology deals with efficiencies and the like, when I think about Value Creation I think mostly of eliminating waste. It sounds to me like you've already addressed one of the most wasteful things about your dilemma, worrying about your tardiness caused you to lose concentration and diminish the value you were adding. By planning out how to handle that type of situation in the future, you're already adding more value by allowing yourself to have more focus on the task at hand. I think the more important issue isn't how to handle the situation, but rather, how to apply the new knowledge and adjust for the future. Good post/question.

David McGinnis

That's where a Blackberry comes in handy. I'm all too familiar with the situation where you are distracted by a decision and hindsight suggests that opportunity cost would have been very different had you factored in distraction.

That is phrased oddly, I bet you know what i mean.

A B'Berry or equivalent allows you to tell the person you are ditching that you are about to ditch them. That always makes a huge difference. Being IN a meeting in which you are adding value is like a "bird in the hand". The upcoming meeting is "in the bush" and you know how that saying goes....

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