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10 May 2010


Tammy Carroll

I had this discusison with my team yesterday. We all agree that Entrepreneurs are born with some of the characteristics needed to ultimately get value from an unmet need. However, wthe team also agreed that it takes experience (and mentors) to bring those characteristics out and learn how to best use them! What I found most interesting is that almost all of my team members thought of themselves as entrepreneurs ONLY WHEN they could equate a dollar amount to the action. They really focused on the words "profitably" and "contribution to the company". I, on the other hand, encouraged them to look past an immediate dollar total of a certain activity and look more long term. I think, eventually, all entrpreneurial acts lead to a savings or additional revenue for the division. They felt, in their positions, there are very few opportunities where they can make a change to which you can apply a dollar amount. What do you think and how would you respond to them?


Great question, Tammy. I like the way you encouraged your team's thinking!
My gut reaction is to answer a question with a question: What MBM mental model or concept can you help build with them to get the most value?
I wonder if they use the CPV Triangle regularly? You might be able to have an in depth discussion about what "value" for the customer means and a follow on conversation about all the different customers they have.
Another way to look at this is to think about creative destruction and keeping the long term view in light of an ever changing market.


I just stumbled onto this link on the nurture versus nature question. You might enjoy it:

David McGinnis

I made a comment (again) at Tony's original definition. Thought i'd put a note here in case anyone is curious to go read it. just click on "Tony's Definition" in Ann's original post.

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