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07 June 2010


Drew Battista


Just re-watched it myself on Friday (also perhaps the 5th time!).

During 2000-2001, prior to my employment with GP/KII, I had quite a bit of interaction with Enron employees. Two small observations that may be worth sharing with the Associates.

1. I saw the personalities of several very bright, talented, young people devolve in dramatic ways. The loss of integrity and humility, in particular (in such a short span), bears witness to the comparison to Milgrom's experiments.
2. When discussing Enron's commodity hedging programs with other (non-Enron) industry folks, the conversation often ended with the observation, "Either those guys are geniuses or they're making some big mistakes ... but they seem rather smart."

Given that Enron employees were hostile to challenge and clever at side-stepping serious inquiry, any sort of whistle-blowing must have been rather more difficult than usual.

Drew Battista
GP Strategy & Business Development

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