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29 June 2010


Jonny B

Oh Boy Andy G, I can just feel the chill of every English teacher you ever had running down MY spine. (Why is that?)
Seriously, though, I was having lunch with one of my oldest friends the other day and recounting the emergence of his own written alphabet. As in many things, necessity bread the multiple iterations and it is now in its 5th concise version.
He is a bit of a gypsy and has spent much of his adult life moving about the country in search of nostalgia. True to his bohemian lifestyle he is an avid journal-er, but all of his temporary roomies kept reading his journals, getting upset about what he wrote and the troubles would ensue. So, he began to create his own alphabet.
Basically it was a code at first that now has evolved into a right-to-left, column based text of symbols and conventions known only to him. Drawing from his experiences teaching English to Japanese college students in the early 90's, he says it is very fluid and pretty much impossible to decipher. I say it qualifies him to be placed into the genius category, especially when you consider some of his other behaviors (different post all together).
He has been rooted to his current home, sans roomies, for the past 6 years. But he still finds it necessary and valuable to continue to evolve his practice.
I would be interested to hear the opinions and opines of some of your colleagues on this topic. Notably, Eric Alston (self proclaimed wordsmith) and Dr. Zerkle (MBM Guru).
BTW: Great post.

Andy Gillette

Yeh, being an English literature major in another life, I've struggled with finally accepting that the correct 'rule' in my book means nothing compared to whether most people can understand it or not....

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