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30 June 2010


Andy Gillette

I think it's both, personally. In my mind, when Maslow talks about "safety" he's referring to a basic form of predictability, whether that's predictably having steady work or predictably having the use of an attached right arm.

Maybe there's a holistic tie into the Rule of Law here? One of the greatest things about RoL is that it creates a stable framework in which entrepreneurs can focus efforts on creating new opportunities (as opposed to focusing on whether the government will appropriate your farm). We want similar stability for our intrapreneurs.


I concur with Andy, but I'll speak for Lu here, "Isn't it all subjective?" This morning I watched people hanging by a single rope wash windows on a high rise...I felt a lot safer than them in my office. Maybe they felt physically safe enough to be happy with their job, whereas I need an office with walls...

Maybe some people don't care as much for physical safety, and maybe some don't care as much as job security, but as long as those particular needs of theirs are met we're all happy, right?

I think AG is on to something with RoL - the intrapraneur feels like he's in a safe environment, not going to get fired for challenging supervisor, can experiment without facing horrific consequences for failing etc. He has some guardrails

Jonny B

I agree with the RoL. Nothing like working for a tyranny that is constantly shifting the target.
One aspect I think plays well with "Safety" is the humility and intellectual honesty required for a healthy challenge process. I have to feel safe enough to share my ideas with the team. Drawing out a conclusion this would be a job safety aspect but only in the extreme.
The plant manager who thought it a good idea to suggest selling the land to Ameristar had to feel safe enough to bring it up to the decision makers.

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