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22 July 2010


David McGinnis

ONE reason you would stay the course is by not understanding sunk cost...

Ann Zerkle

I think there's something to be said about the vision development process as well. Changing within the scope of a larger vision is one thing, but it's another to totally turn the ship around.

Andy Gillette

I like the ship metaphor, Ann, and the comment about Vision. I think that implies that the team has to have a strong understanding of and belief in the vision of the team BEFORE the change, which reminds me that I haven't done much lately with my team (myself included) to make sure we're all connected with and focused on the big picture.

Tammy Carroll

I think if you effectively communicate the reasoning behind the change, the team is more likely to embrace it. Mandating a change without fully sharing the knowledge gained (and used to make the decision) is what employees have a hard time accepting. If the team is aligned in regards to the higher vision then they will accept the change. The employees will experience the same level of humility you felt as the manager when realizing the first direction was not the most value-added.

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