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25 July 2010


Ann Zerkle

Along with selections on the KAP curriculum, right now I'm in various stages of reading How to Measure Anything by Doulas Hubbard, Tacit Knowing by Michael Polanyi, A Whole New Mind by Daniel Pink, and Consulting on the Inside by Beverly Scott.

Tammy Carroll

Since you are both more advanced in the understanding of everything MBM, I am seeking your knowlege. I want to learn more about free markets/economics and how it can relate to me, as a manager, within a Koch company. What would you recommend to someone for their first book on how the idea of prospering societies was used to create the MBM philosophy. What do I need as a fundamental starting point? Thanks for your advice.


If you haven't read The Science of Success yet, that is the best place to start. If you are looking to go a little deeper, you might try Thomas Sowell's A Conflict of Visions and Basic Economics.

Ann Zerkle

A Conflict of Visions is great! Also try "I, Pencil" for a quicker read:

Tammy Carroll

Thanks! I've read The Science of Success twice and utilize parts of it in team meetings regularly. So, I think I'll take your suggestion by Thomas Sowell. (By the way, I read "I, Pencil" when I first found this site - so , thanks for linking to that here!)

Andy Gillette

If you like "A Conflict of Visions" you should definitely check out Bennet's article called "Constrained Change - Unconstrained Results" which ties Sowell's heady ideas into day-to-day management:

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