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19 July 2010


David McGinnis

I couldn't think of "Produce" nor "Practice", before my temptation to hightlight the word became overwhelming, but i got knew all of the others right away!

Much like a good resume, they are all proactive verbs that require action. They are not just traits or wishes, they are purposeful actions.

That's my answer. I can't wait to see what the RIGHT answer is...

Ann Zerkle

That's what I think too, David! They are action words. It speaks to the bias toward action in MBM.

I always forget "practice" as well. I like the idea that humility is practiced though. It's not like you achieve it and you're done.

Did any of the action words stick out to you?

David McGinnis

Just that they all make enough sense that I can tell they were thoroughly vetted. I have always liked the word "Embrace" regarding change. I love change, I crave it, and I rarely order the same item twice off of any given menu.

The word embrace conjures up for me the word "HUG" and I'm imagining the people who fight change and hate the unknown finally letting down their guard and reluctantly "hugging" and inviting-in-for-a-cup-of-tea what used to be an adversary, and turns out to be a best friend.

My imagination is limited to the emotion of the person, but I haven't yet assigned an object to change... maybe one of those those Domo-kun monsters. I could imagine trying to reject one and then hugging it.

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