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03 August 2010


Tammy Carroll

Andy and Ann - Thank you so much! This list will be a huge asset to me as I constantly work towards applying MBM to my thought processes and my team! I apprecaite most that your book list is categorized so I know what general topic I can draw out of what I am reading. You just made my day!

Andy Gillette

You just made my day! Glad we could share.

Tammy Carroll

Have you read "The Invisible Heart" by Russell Roberts? It was given to me and I liked the first 3-4 chapters but wondered if I should pick it up again and finish it. What do you think?

Andy Gillette

Yes, I have. We often use that in our classes. It's a fun introduction to a lot of economic-thinking concepts we use in MBM frequently (opportunity costs, second-order effects, etc.). I'd put it in my read-on-the-beach list.

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