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17 August 2010


Johnnie Pearson

I visit here everday to add something to my operations notes that adds value to our group to continue to learn more about MBM's application to our business. My subject today was humility and your question brought to mind the parable of Lazerus and the Rich Man. The Rich man did not value what was real in his life and his arrogance brought him torment. His lack of humility brought him down in the end. You do not have to go very far to find the effects of Hubris in your life and our business

Ann Zerkle

I think "The Emperor has no Clothes" is a story that directly applies to the MBM Guiding Principle of Humility because of the grounding in reality part, in particular.

David McGinnis

I would imagine that Enron's "smartest guys in the room" is already on your list. They thought they were smarter than anyone else, so they'd never be found out.

The greater the fall...


Cinderella Man, a great example of humility in Russell Crowe's character.

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