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04 August 2010



Ask Questions.

Most of my ideas come from lunch conversations with people where we are talking about normal things. Asking questions to get more details will get you thinking about how things work (and will lead to them asking questions - which leads to more ideas).

Tammy Carroll

I really liked Kurt's comment because that is my favorite way to generate ideas and learn new things. Being relentless in your curiosity about topics/issues can be so enlightening. You discover so many different ways to think about things and create so many new ideas

I would now add: Get outside your "comfort zone".
Don't use the same set of resources or talk through things with the same group of people all the time. Go to a new place, read a book outside your own favorite style, have talks with people that aren't your closest comrades, or search the internet without going to your most frequently-visited websites. I think if you step outside your normal environment in any way, it will generate new ideas.

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