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19 August 2010


David McGinnis

“The only reason for being a bee is to make honey. And the only reason for making honey is so I can eat it.”
-Winnie the Pooh

I love how many ways that can be taken.

Ann Zerkle

Let me know what you think of this quote from The Science of Success: "At the most fundamental level, MBM is a philosophy and methodology to encourage innovations that create value for both a copany and society."

David McGinnis

it depends.


Great quote, with the assumption that the audience already knows what MBM is. However, if there is any expectation that audience will learn what MBM is (for nearly the first time) through this website as opposed to more about it and how to apply it; there would be a concern that the quote merely defines characteristics of MBM while the phrasing could suggest that it be taken as the main definition.

Given that the audience here is appropriate, I think that's a great quote for the website! How's that for overthinking?

Ann Zerkle

That's a great observation! I don't want people to think we're defining MBM. Someone suggested finding a quote about MBM being holistic. I've not had time to scour quotes along that line. I've also thought about having a more liberty-focused quote too!

Johnnie Pearson

As a operations leader I use this site everyday to bring more tibits of knowledge to my group and it has expanded my views exponetially in the last 3 months. I have turned my HR manager on to it and we use it everyday.

This quote changed it for me "MBM is a philosophy and methodology" and I use it every day. I expand it that the framework and principles are not a checklist.

I find something new all the time and it leads me back to the mental models for real application to my issues in our facilty.

Tammy Carroll

I like these a lot:

Freedom granted only when it is known beforehand that its effects will be beneficial is not freedom.
- Friedrich August von Hayek

“There is all the difference in the world between treating people equally and attempting to make them equal.”
- Friedrich August von Hayek

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