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22 September 2010


Tammy Carroll

Two come to mind:

1. Michael Porter's "Competitive Strategy: Techniques for Analysing Industries and Competitors".

2. Thomas Sowell (anything, really) "Knowledge and Decisions".

David McGinnis


I personally haven't had any discussions about Bastiat or his books.

I wouldn't be willing to say that his influence has been missed, but I certainly wouldn't be able to speak intelligently about Bastiat.

The names i hear more often are: Von Mises, Hayek, Maslow, Sowell, even Gardner...

I think i'd add Polanyi to the "desired-explicit-subjects of conversations-to-be-had" list

Andy Gillette

Quite the ambitious list, Dave. Especially that last one. Good luck! They're all rewarding.

David McGinnis

Your comments have encouraged me to be more clear. Those names I hear often are not the ones for which I am requesting discussion. I think those are discussed at a reasonable frequency.

Bastiat and Polanyi are the 2 names that I want to hear more about.

Thanks for the comment!, without it I wouldn't have known how that was perceived.

Ann zerkle

I love Bastiat's work. I've put that on my list of future topics to post about.

Paul Mueller

Here is a letter to the editor about Tocqueville that Don Boudreax wrote and posted on Cafe Hayek:

You might find it interesting.

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