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20 September 2010


David McGinnis

Ok, first, i have to express my enthusiasm for the use of "zombie" as a description of these undead, "mindless, shambling, decaying [things] with a hunger for human flesh"... it fits, doesn't it?!?

Zombie is such a good term that I am going to replace my zombie mental model with an upgrade that includes significantly more than those horrific-yet-wonderful beings from Shaun of the Dead.

So now that I'm derailed by the awesome analogy, I will pose a question or two instead of an answer: How many times does the technique of ignoring the zombies fare well for the protagonist? How hard is it to kill zombies? the parallels are endless; thus I am excited about the future ponderings on Atlanta's public-transit-zombie (Marta) this afternoon.

Andy Gillette

Signs of zombies in the workplace?
-employees begin ambling slowly with head flopped to one side
-lack of challenge (or, conversely, perhaps vigorous challenge over the small stuff but no real willingness to change from the challenger or project owner)
-projects can only be killed by severing the brain from the body
-If an employee is "getting by" because s/he is "a nice guy" as opposed really creating value, and no feedback about him/her or the project is being communicated, that might be roughly equivalent to market signals not reaching 'dead' organizations.


Andy, David,

I like where you took this. It reminds me of one of Tony Woodlief's analogies, people who quit but don't bother to tell their employer. That is, they continue drawing a paycheck without contributing.

And for the true Zombie fans, there is another article about Zombies on the front page of the Wall Street Journal this morning. This one really is for horror fans - the article describes the reunion of the extras who played the zombies in the classic Night of the Living Dead, 40 years ago. Many of them are in their eighties now (the oldest is 92).

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