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28 October 2010



You know you're a nerd (an I am) if a post likes this cracks ya up. Brian B. as in Blumdog??

at the societal level prosperity is increased because we are able to move goods across great distances thus accomplishes trades that are beneficial for both parties.

David McGinnis

Hey Andy, how's your neck circumference effecting that average?

haha, awesome post.

Chad Trail

This article has some serious aspects in my opinion. The most physically fit people generally have the best work ethics and set higher goals for themselves. At least this is my experience. Ofcourse you can always find exceptions but for the most part people who have high expectations of themselves physically, will have a high expectations for their career.

Look around at the next local marathon, you will not find many people who are not successful in other aspects of their life.

Now consider the flip side of this. What kind of discipline do fat people have? Will they have the same level of discipline at work? Again, you can find exceptions but I chalenge you to put some data to this.

Andy Gillette

Ha! David, my neck size is not helping the cause, unfortunately... ;-)

Chad--Maybe a more positive way to frame that is by looking at something already in MBM--the 'discipline' and 'accountability' elements in Principle Entrepreneurship, for example, come to mind. Being disciplined about doing something sooner than later or taking the extra effort to put good thinking into a project--and then holding ourselves accountable to do so--could be loosely analogous.

However, I think we want to be careful to frame things respectfully, too, in regards to the weight comments. As long as someone is disciplined when it comes to their work and getting results, that's all we should care about.

David McGinnis

Very PC of you, Andy. And true. Results at work are all that matters from the business's POV.

I whole-heartedly agree with Chad's more general point, external to the chosen example: The presence of discipline and accountability in a person's life identifies itself readily in many more aspects than just professionalism.

note: Zerkle has a particular website that shows up on friday links frequently. I think your challenge may be accepted in that forum. Thank goodness GP doesn't block that website just because of it's name. (and it's not "chart" that would flag it!)

P.S. can you do anything about those SPAM commenters?

Andy Gillette

Spam = deleted. Thanks DM!

Tammy Carroll

I just wanted to say thank you to Andy for your response to Chad's comment.
And, to David, your way of stating the general point about discipline and accountability was great!

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