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25 October 2010


Andy Gillette

I'm being facetious, but couldn't help inwardly smiling as I thought of all of the folks I saw on the Metro this morning with white headphones in their ears, wearing suits with backpacks, and staring dazedly at their iPhones and iPads.... ;-) "The ad features drone-like citizens, all dressed alike, listening hypnotically to a giant screen version of Big Brother telling them what to think."

At least they're choosing what to watch and do, as opposed to Big Brother forcing them.

Ann Zerkle

Hmm, I like to think there is some selection bias going on in DC :).

Is it okay if I have an iPad don't wear a suit?

Chris Cardiff

And Apple recently passed Microsoft in market capitalization...hmmm. Could there be a new "Big Brother" in town?

But on the other hand, there is the fascinating graph:

60% of Apple's revenue comes from products that did not exist 3 years ago.

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